Nasrallah: Tripartite Aggression on Syria Failed to Raise Terrorists' Morale

BEIRUT, (ST)- Secretary General of Hizbollah resistance movement Hassan Nasralla has condemned the US-led aggression on Syria, stressing that US-France-Britain  on Saturday hastened the attack on Syria because they wanted to end it before the “Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” delegation – which wanted to examine the soil in Douma – arrives in Syria, according to al-Manar TV website.

 “Trump and the French president are aware that this is (the alleged chemical attack in Douma) a play, this is why they hastened the assault on Douma… just another evidence on the US arrogance,” Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed, adding that “France and England were just a cover so that the US wouldn’t be blamed alone, because the size of targets did not require all this alignment…”

Iran Army Slams US Airstrikes on Syria

Iranian Army in a statement condemned the airstrike conducted Saturday by US and its allies on Syria.

The US, UK and France attack on Syria which was orchestrated following the fake allegations on using chemical weapons against Syrian people has been the text-book example of supporting terrorist groups, the statement reads.

'Whenever the terrorists have been involved in a dire condition in anti-terrorism fights in Syria and Iraq, the US together with some Western countries have entered the scene to compensate terrorists’ defeats.'

Cuba, Iran Condemn US-French-British Aggression on Syria, Warn of Consequences

TEHRAN/HAVANA, (ST)- In a statement on Saturday, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said "this unilateral procedure which has been done without the permission of the Security Council is a flagrant violation of the International Law, the UN charter and the sovereignty of an independent UN member state."

It warned that this aggression may aggravate the crisis in Syria and lead to dangerous repercussions in the entire region.

Trump's Threats Won't Scare Syria or Resistance Movements: Nasrallah

BEIRUT-Secretary General of Hizbollah resistance movement Hassan Nasrallah has stressed that US President Donald Trump’s threats of attacking Syria won't scare Syria or Iran or Russia or any of the region's peoples and resistance movements.

In a televised speech on Friday, Nasrallah said the region is witnessing a sensitive stage in the light of all developments targeting Syria and having its impacts on the entire region.

Israeli Breach of Airspace Amounts to Attack on Lebanon: Aoun

Lebanon's President Michel Aoun says Israeli jets' violation of the Lebanese airspace amounts to an attack on the country's national sovereignty, noting that Beirut will lodge a complaint with the United Nations Security Council.

"Lebanon considered that the Israeli warplanes' use of the Lebanese airspace is an attack on our sovereignty, and we will not accept any Israeli exploitation of our airspace," Aoun said during a cabinet meeting on Thursday, according to Press TV.

He was reacting to strikes carried out by Israeli F-15 warplanes via Lebanese air space on T-4 air base in Syria's Homs Province on Monday. The air raids killed and wounded several people.