Italian PM demands immediate halt of Turkish aggression

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte renewed demands for the Turkish regime to halt its aggression on the Syrian territories.

In a tweet he made today, Conte called on Turkey to immediately halt its unilateral operation that might destabilize the region and weaken war against the terrorist ISIS organization, expressing deep concern about the Turkish offensive against the Syrian territories.

Conte warned that the Turkish aggression would lead to more destabilization in the region, and would lead to more civilian suffering.

Earlier, the Italian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador of the Turkish regime in Rome because of Erdogan's aggression on the Syrian territories.



Condemnations of Turkish aggression against Syrian territories continue

(ST) –  Arab, regional and international condemnations of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory continued, asserting that it is a flagrant violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty.

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek condemned the Turkish aggression against the Syrian territories, calling for an immediate halt to it and warning that it would deteriorate the situation in the region.

A Palestinian injured by a settler operation north of Hebron

Occupied al-Quds ,(ST) - A Palestinian student was injured this morning when an Israeli settler ran over her near Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, in the West Bank.

Asettler ran over a university student near al-'Arroub refugee camp on the Hebron-Jerusalem road, wounding her. She was taken to a Hebron hospital for treatment, According to Wafa News Agency.

Wide condemnations of the Turkish aggression against Syria’s territory

On October 9, Egypt condemned in the strongest terms the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, calling for preserving Syria's sovereignty, unity of its people and territorial integrity.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Turkey offensive represents a blatant and unacceptable attack on the sovereignty of a brotherly Arab state.

The statement stressed the responsibility of the international community represented by the United Nations Security Council to address this extremely dangerous situation which threatens international peace and security

The statement warned of the repercussions of the Turkish attack on Syria’s unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the political process to put an end of the Syrian crisis.

Jordan and Canada condemn Turkish aggression o Syria

The Foreign Ministry of Jordan condemned the Turkish aggression and called for an immediate halt.

The Foreign Minister of Jordan Ayman Safadi said that we call on Turkey to stop its attack on Syria immediately, reject any diminishing of its sovereignty and condemn any aggression that threatens its unity.

Al-Safadi reiterated that the solution to the crisis in Syria is political in a manner that preserves its unity and saves it from terrorism and its danger.