Soukarieh: Syria is the real and reliable supporter of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine

Beirut,(ST)-A member of  Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, Lebanese MP Al-Walid Soukarieh, affirmed that Syria is the real and true guarantor of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.
Soukarieh said in a statement on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day that the conflict with the Israeli enemy and Western colonialism led by the United States is very long, stressing the rejection of every attempt to normalize with the Israeli enemy because it will come at the expense of Lebanon's national interests  and the Palestinian issue.
For his part, member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hussein Geshi renewed his commitment to the resistance option to confront the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and the countries of the region. He said: “Today we are more committed  more than ever to the choice of the resistance that liberated the land and deterred the enemy from thinking of committing any folly by attacking Lebanon again.”

Israeli warplanes renew violation of Lebanese airspace

Beirut (ST): Israeli warplanes renewed today their violation of Lebanese airspace.
The Lebanese National News Agency said that Israeli warplanes flew intensively this morning at a medium altitude over al-Tufah district, Marjeyoun and Bint Jbail  in South Lebanon.
The Lebanese army command said that four Israeli  spy planes violated the Lebanese airspace last night and at dawn today  over the village of Kafr Kala and carried out circular flight over  South Lebanon, al-Shof and some of Beirut suburbs before leaving towards the occupied Arab territories.

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Putin appoints Efimov as Special envoy for relations with Syria

Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Efimov has become a special presidential representative for developing relations with Syria, according to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The decree comes into force as of today, May 25.
Basma Qaddour