Lebanese President: International investigation into Beirut explosion is waste of time

Beirut (ST): Lebanese President Michael Oun has affirmed that demanding  an international investigation into the explosion at Beirut Port is a waste of time, stressing the necessity of achieving justice and unveiling facts through the investigation currently being conducted.

In a press statement, Oun said that truth is the objective, noting that the aim of demanding an international investigation is to dilute the truth denying that this issue was discussed during his talks with the French President Emanuel Macron.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah’s capabilities are at the disposal of the Lebanese people & government

Beirut (ST): Secretary General of Hezbolla Party Sayyed Hasan Nasralah said that Hezbollah Party and all its capabilities are at the disposal of the Lebanese government and people, who were badly harmed as a result of the explosion at Beirut Port.

In a speech he made today, Nasrallah said that the external scene is positive and it ensures an opportunity for Lebanon to get out of the siege and hardships it is facing,  noting that the party looks positively at all who sympathize with Lebanon and at  every visit to Lebanon, especially if it aims to achieve reconciliation and dialogue.

Death toll from Beirut explosion rises to 154

Beirut (ST): Lebanese Minister of Public Health Hamad Hasan announced that the death toll from Beirut Port Explosion, which occurred last Tuesday, rose to 154 deaths and thousands of wounded.

Meeting an Algerian medical delegation, Hasan said that the victims of the blast rose to 154, adding that 20 % of the wounded, who amount to 5000 in number, need time to recover.

China condemns Trump’s decision to ban dealing with two Chinese companies

Beijing (ST): China has denounced  US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban any dealings with the two Chinese companies Bytedance , the owner of ToTok application and the giant Tencent Company, the owner of Wechat forum, stressing that such measure is a political manipulation and oppression.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin said in a press conference that the US was committing manipulation and arbitrary political oppression which will only lead to its collapse and damage its image.

Israeli forces of occupation arrest two Palestinians in Bethlehem

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Israeli forces of occupation detained today two Palestinians in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank. 

WAFA news agency said that the occupation troops attacked the area of Mount Handazeh to the east of the city and al-Dheishe camp to the south of the city and arrested two young men.

Yesterday, the occupation troops arrested 11 Palestinians in the West Bank.