Tunisians: Real "Jihad" Should be in Occupied Palestine not Syria

TUNIS–The Tunisian people repeatedly expressed their rejection of the terrorist aggression against Syria and voiced their support for the country in its war against terrorism and takfiri groups.

Within this framework, the Popular Coordination Body for Supporting Syria on Sunday organized a political intellectual symposium in which nationalist personalities and Islamic scholars took part to refute the ideological bases of the takfiri mindset and to warn of its danger on Islamic and Arab societies.

Dr. al-Munsef Wannas, Head of the Coordination Body, criticized the Tunisian parties which call for normalization with Israel while at the same time urge the so-called "jihad" in Syria at the orders of their masters in Qatar, in a clear reference to the Tunisian al-Nahda Movement and its head Rashed al-Ghnoushi.

A number of Tunisian youths gathered outside the building where the symposium was being held, to express their rejection of the terrorist war waged by imperialism and Zionism-backed armed terrorist and takfiri groups against Syria. The Tunisian youths raised the Syrian and Palestinian flags as well as pictures of President Bashar al-Assad.

They reiterated that the Tunisians are against the bloodshed in Syria and the destruction of the Syrian infrastructure in the name of the so-called "Jihad".

The participants chanted "From Tunis, here is Damascus" in expression of their support for the steadfast Syrians. They stressed that real jihad should be against the Israeli occupation in Palestine, and affirmed that adopting religion as a trade has deep and dangerous impacts on the Arab society, resistance and dignity.

The participants hailed the victories being attained by the Syrian Arab Army nationwide in the battle against terrorism.

H. Mustafa