Aoun: Major Powers Recruit their Potentials in the War against Syria




BEIRUT, (ST)_ " Syria will be victorious in the war waged against her", said chairman  of the  Lebanese Change and Reform Bloc, MP Michel Aoun , criticizing the silence  of the  international community,  regarding Lebanese forces  which mobilize all their potentials in this war, including  training of al-Qaeda members  and sending them to fight in Syria.

In a radio statement he made on Saturday, Aoun refereed international sides which launch  the war against Syria, in the service of their own objectives.

He  deplored the  continued support  provided by the Lebanese " March 14"  group to the  armed groups in Syria, even after certain countries declined from giving  support to these groups.

Aoun, on the other hand,  stressed that those who tried  to break into the headquarters  of the Lebanese government were backed by foreign sides.


T. Fateh