Tens of Thousands Yemenis Protest US War Threats against Syria, Condemn Limitless US Support for Zionist Entity

SANAA- Tens of Thousands Yemeni demonstrators on Friday expressed their strong rejection of the US war threats against Syria.

The demonstrators, who took to the streets of the Yemeni capital Sanaa and gathered at the Attaghyeer (Change) Square, condemned the American schemes against the Arabs and slammed the limitless US support for the Zionist entity.

The protestors urged all influential countries, organizations and freedom -loving people to stand against the US support for Israel and against providing the Zionist entity with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  They expressed their rejection of the American-Zionist-backed sedition schemes against peoples of the region.

In a statement, of which SANA has got a copy, the demonstrators said: "the American regime's keenness to back the Zionist entity and provide it with financial support, arms, expertise and all facilitations needed to develop its nuclear activities and destructive arsenal, comes within the framework the American schemes against the entire region in order to guarantee Israel's supremacy, particularly in the military field."

"This supremacy endangers the region and threatens world peace," the statement said, warning of Israel's huge nuclear arsenal.

In the Yemeni city of Sa'da tens of thousands of people organized a huge demonstration in solidarity with Syria.

Demonstrators urged the international community not to adopt the double standard policy towards the crisis in Syria. They called for putting the weapons of mass destruction, including those of Israel, under international control.

They called for Arab unity to face the American and Israeli conspiracies against the Middle East and urged more awareness by the Arab and Islamic peoples.

H. Mustafa