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Iran: Syria's accession to the Prohibition of chemical weapons Treaty , stripped Zionist entity of any excuse to keep weapons of mass destruction

TEHRAN, (ST) _Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif yesterday  called for disarming  and dismantling  Israel's huge arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons, pointing out that Syria  's approval to put  chemical weapons under international supervision stripped Israel of any excuse to continue to keep its  arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

Jawad Zarif, who is currently in New York to attend the 68th meeting of the  UN General Assembly welcomed  in a statement quoted by the Iranian  Press TV , Syria's accession  decision to the Treaty on the Prohibition of chemical weapons, adding that  " efforts must be now intensified  to resolve the situation, so as to  restore peace to the country, particularly after the said Syrian decision contributed  to derail plans for the implementation of military action against it. "

Jawad Zarif continued  that the Zionist  regime is still" equipped  with nuclear and chemical weapons ,the step taken by the Syrian government did not leave any excuse for it and  Israel  should now accept to disarm its weapons."

The  Iranian Foreign Minister  added that Iran have information confirming  the possession of  the  Western-backed  extremist takfirist groups in Syria chemical weapons  which should be  also confiscated .


T. Fateh