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Larijani, Najafi Rejected Military Intervention in Syria

TEHRAN, (ST) _ In a joint news conference yesterday after talks with his Iraqi counterpart Osama Najafi , Head of the Iranian Shura Council , Ali Larijani,  stressed that bilateral  views were identical on Syria and on  the need for a political solution to the crisis .

Larijani pointed out that the Iraqi side holds ideas for cooperation in the region noting  , " We have discussed the initiative carried by Najafi on Syria and we  also discussed  the issue  of terrorists and extremists in Iraq and the region ."

" The Americans have realized that a military intervention in Syria is facing two problems , one that it  comes out of the UN Security Council and the second that it is a violation of the  international law ,a matter  which  encourages others to do similar violations" , he added.

Larijani stressed that any U.S. military intervention in Syria will lead to reactions and will not solve the problem but ignite more flames,  pointing out that terrorism and extremism  issues constitute  are a cause for concern and should be discussed .

Larijani also expressed hope that the Americans deal rationally and abandon extremism reiterating Tehran 's position in  calling for the need for a political mechanisms to solve the problem in Syria.

The Iranian official pointed out that he discussed with the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament means of  strengthening  cooperation between the two countries , noting that the present volume of trade relations between Iran and Iraq is about US$ 11 billion .

For his part, Najafi said that the best solution to the crisis in Syria is through  the withdrawal of the insurgents and the organization of free elections  noting , "We must defuse the sectarian strife that began to spread in the region."

He stressed that foreign military intervention in Syria would widen the war and its extension to the countries of the region and Iraq is , the first to be affected .

"Western countries want to disarm Syria  and the strengthening Israel , not to save the Syrian people and the international community has  to stop the bloodshed in Syria , "adding that "many parties are involved in the conflict in Syria and that there is a global battle there."

Najafi considered that  "Iran , Iraq, Turkey and Saudi Arabia can contribute in coordination with other countries such as the US  and Russia , to the making a democratic future in Syria."

He also considered  that the military intervention in Syria for the elimination of chemical weapons will lead to expansion of the scope of the war to other countries in the region , including Iraq .

The international community should limit the war  rather than  igniting  its  flames , and  attacking Syria under the pretext of disarmament in the region.

Abdul Lahyan : The US  no longer has any pretext to launch a military aggression against Syria

Meantime, , Iran confirmed that the US   and the other parties no longer have  any pretext for military aggression against Syria , following the Russian-American  agreement on putting  chemical weapons in Syria, under international supervision , noting that the allegations about the use of the Syrian Arab Army  of chemical weapons in Damascus countryside are but , false .

In statements yesterday,  Iranian deputy  Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdul  Lahyan  stressed that  " the ball is now is in the court of the other party and they must carry out confidence - building measures toward the Syrian people and in the path of democracy."

He also stressed that the current Iranian government has put " the Syrian issue " on its  agenda in accordance with this vision.

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister added that  " Iran has information that one official  in one of the countries in the region united the  takfiri  forces  with al-Nusra Front " to overthrow the Syrian government , " adding that the phenomenon of atonement aims to implant  discord in the Muslim world .

Fairouz Abadi : allegations on Syrian army  use of chemical weapons are  false

Chief of  Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan  Fairouz Abadi  stressed that the U.S. allegations about the Syrian government 's use of chemical weapons are false.

Fairouz Abadi said in a statement yesterday : "The allegations launched by the U.S. administration about the Syrian government 's use of chemical weapons are just  groundless lies," adding that " the Syrians are generous  respectable people , like other peoples of the region.


T. Fateh