PLO official: What is happening in Syria is a Qatari, Saudi led terrorism




TUNIS,(ST)_  " What is happening in Syria is not a "revolution" , rather it is terrorism led by two Arab countries, namely  Saudi Arabia and Qatar", stressed member of the executive committee of the Palestine  Liberation Organization PLO, Farouk al-Qaddoumi.

In an interview issued on Monday in the Tunisian daily " al-Tuniseyah" , al-Qaddoumi said that Syria is proceeding  to fortify  its  independence, denouncing the onslaught led by some Arab countries against Syria.

Meantime,  Dr. Naji Jalloul, founding member of the  National Committee of the Tunisian military history  warned  against  the "Balkanization of Syria",  adding that the west is launching a dirty war through " foreign Jihadists "and  huge Saudi and Qatari funding.  A matter which recalls repeating  the Iraqi scenario in order  to put Syria into a devastated  civil war.

" What had happened in Libya was the  making of  NATO",  Jalloul explained  in an interview  with the Tunisian daily al-Shourouk , on Monday .

T. Fateh