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Palestinian Intellectuals : We Stand with Syria in the Battle of Destiny

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ "The escalation of the vicious attack against  Syria's land , people and the state under an uncovered and blatant  Arab, regional and international conspiracy is , but  a revenge  for Syria 's national stand and a service for the colonialist projects in the Arab region." said a statement , issued by 70 Palestinian poets, writers and intellectuals .

 The statement  which was released in a meeting for  the Committee in  Solidarity with the Syrian people, held  in Haifa in the occupied Palestinian territories of  1948 under the title  " One thousand  greetings of pride for the Syrian Arab Army ,  the Protector  of Syria  and the compeller  of its enemies,  emphasized :" Our words and voice should be heard, because the outcome of this battle will leave its impact for generations to come, and therefore the Arab nation must win over  its enemies, whatever the sacrifices,   large or expensive. "
The Palestinian writers and men of letters voiced support for  the Syrian people and national leadership . They deplored all external interferences in  the Syrian  internal affairs ,  so that the Syrians " will  achieve their aspirations to live free and choose what they deem appropriate within the  course of their national principles."
  They expressed full confidence that the Syrian people  will overcome this ordeal  and got out of it  stronger  in spite of  haters and conspirators.
"Syria 's victory  will be  for the benefit of the Arab nation . All Arab forces from the Ocean to the Gulf should stand by Syria in the Arab  battle for destiny ,  because the ongoing battle is not only against Syria but also hit the future of all Arabs", the statement noted, adding,  that " in confirmation of these meanings,  we issue this statement as a document for  truth and history ".
" The statement conveys  two messages: The first is that a large  part of the intellectuals of our people inside Palestine  support the reform process in Syria and stand against the aggression , while the second message conveys the gratitude Palestinians in the occupied territories of  1948 for Syria 's  stand concerning  Palestinian cause", Palestinian writer Saed Nafaa told the Syrian TV.
Events taking place  in Syria confirm that there is a global conspiracy and a terrorist onslaught  to  destroy  this country , said another Palestinian writer Issam Makhoul .

For his part, Palestinian intellectual  Aleef al-Sabbagh said that enemies of Syria  are using all ways and means to partition  the Arab World." They partitioned Iraq and now they  want to fragment  Syria," he added, noting  "but, the Arab people will confront the  US-led conspiracy against the Arab world."



T. Fateh