Elimination Ordeal is through Inter-Syrian Dialogue– Mansour

CAIRO,(ST)_ Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Adnan Mansour, stressed that  ridding  Syria off  its  ordeal can be  made by political dialogue between the Syrians to achieve its interests and serve its  present and future.

Mansour added  in a speech on Wednesday before the  extraordinary ministerial-level meeting  of the Arab League AL Council, "the fire of the crisis in Syria will extend to all of us, and Lebanon suffers its consequences," wondering  about who instigated ,fueled , armed , funded and recruited huge number of  foreign fighters from 40 Arab and foreign countries and who used sarin gas and brought it to Syria.

"Extremist groups in Syria sought to hit the deeply rooted demographic and  historical mix  between the Syrians and the Lebanese in mixed areas in the Syrian  al-Qusair city  and its   villages adjacent to Lebanon, where the armed terrorist groups  carried out  acts of killings, harassment, displacement, abductions, destruction of homes, mosques and churches and confiscation of land and agricultural crops . " Mansour emphasized. 

He stressed that Hezbollah did not fight in Aleppo Daraa, Deir ezz Zur, Idleb  or Qamishli  and that having a handful of its groups in al-Qusair  is a preventive action to protect their  Lebanese families ,relatives and children against  armed terrorist groups, who wanted to make them prey to kidnapping and murder, as happened to the unarmed Lebanese visitors  who were  kidnapped by armed groups in Azaz, north of Aleppo, since more than one year. 

Mansour  also questioned who are the 12 terrorists arrested by  Turkey while smuggling  sarin gas from Adana to Syria, who tricked Arab youth and pushed them by inciting fatwas  to fight in Syria, who killed the Syrian scholar Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti and kidnapped bishops  Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim, destroyed entire Christian villages , demolished  religious shrines and historical places and who promoted for Jihad marriage , digging up graves and beheadings , eating  livers and hearts and offended the true religion of Islam . 

The  Lebanese foreign minister cited what was stated by  President of the UN Inquiry Commission on Syria Paulo Pinheiro before the French National Assembly  Foreign Affairs Committee that the Syrian armed opposition is today very far from thinking  of democracy. 

T. Fateh