Iraq Never Allows its Airspace to be Used to Strike Syria

BAGHDAD-  Iraq has affirmed that it will never allow its airspace to be used by any party to launch aggression against Syria, warning at the same time that it will react to any Israeli attempt to violate the Iraqi airspace to hit Iran.

In a statement to AFP, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahrestani said that his country never allows its airspace to be used in order to hit Syria. It won’t also allow any party to use the Iraqi lands to deliver arms into Syria.

He pointed out that Iraq had also asked the Americans not to use the Iraqi airspace or lands for the such purposes.

Regarding the possibility that Israel may strike Iran via the Iraqi airspace, al- Shahrestani said “ We had warned Israel that if it violated our airspace it would suffer the repercussions.”  

On the nature of the Iraqi reaction in case Israel stroke Iran through Iraq, al-Shahrestani said Iraq will never unveil its reaction in order not to allow Israel to take this into consideration.

The Iraqi Deputy premier said that “the United States has assured us that it will not allow the Iraqi airspace to be violated with the purpose of hitting any of our neighbors.”

Al-Shahrestani’s remarks come amid the  escalation of Israeli and American threats to launch an aggression on Syria and Iran, particularly after all attempts to destroy Syria from inside by Arab, regional and West-backed terrorists, were foiled and after Iran’s insistence to continue its peaceful nuclear program.

H. Mustafa