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Bahraini Opposition Blasts Al-Khalifa's Aid to Terrorists in Syria

TEHRAN- Bahrain's Democratic Assembly censured the Al-Khalifa regime for extending non-stop support and aid to the terrorists fighting against the Syrian government.

Speaking during an interview with Al-Alam TV Network, Secretary General of Bahrain Democratic Assembly Fazel Abbas lambasted the Manama regime for supporting terrorists in Syria, and said, "Even some (pro-government) members of the Bahraini parliament have demanded overt support for terrorism in Syria."

Abbas said some Bahrainis have been among the terrorists killed in Syria, and pointed out that their departure to the war zone in Syria needed coordination which could have been done only by officials in power in Manama.

He said pro-government preachers in Bahrain encourage the) youth to join the terrorist al-Nusra Front affiliated to the al-Qaeda network.

Abbas warned the Manama regime that it would soon regret its fervent support for terrorist groups in Syria, saying that "these terrorists will soon return to Bahrain and initiate events which took place in Afghanistan".