“It is Al-Quds…It will never be "Yerushalem” campaign kicks off in Cairo

CAIRO- Al-Quds international institution initiated its global campaign “It is Al-Quds…It will never be "Yerushalem” on the forty sixth anniversary of the occupation of the whole city, which will fall on the seventh of June,according to the PIC.

Yasin Hamoud, director-general of the institution, has told a news conference held in Cairo that the campaign is aimed at shedding light on the status of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) following 46 years of its occupation.

Hamoud added that the campaign would work on actively involving the issue of Jerusalem in the political and media discourse and rallying the Arab and Muslim streets to provide moral and financial support for the holy city and its people.

He said that the Arab and Muslim nations are fully responsible for defending Jerusalem in the face of Judaization activities and supporting the steadfastness of its natives.

For his part, Hamid Al-Ahmer, chairman of Al-Quds institution, stated that the Aqsa Mosque is being exposed to Judaization attempts to build the so called "Jewish temple" in place of the Dome of the Rock, warning that the daily violations at the Mosque is aimed at dividing it between Palestinians and israelis.

Al-Ahmer called on the Arab and Islamic governments and peoples to show firm stance against Israel’s violations in Jerusalem and to adopt a comprehensive strategy to consolidate the Arab and Islamic identity of the holy city.