Abdollahian: Russia, China to Take Part in Tehran Meeting on Syria

Tehran- (ST) -  Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian announced on Saturday that Russia and China will participate in the meeting on Syria, scheduled to be held on May 29 in Tehran under the slogan "Political Solution and Regional Stability".

 In a statement to the Iranian News Agency (IRNA), Abdollahian said the meeting is a step forward within the framework of efforts aiming at finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria based on halting ongoing violence and launching national dialogue in the country.

 He pointed out that his country has invited to the meeting countries with different stands on the crisis in Syria, including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and that the invitations were made in line with Tehranˈs policy to encourage regional cooperation to help settle this crisis.

"Iran welcomes the participation of representatives from the three countries however it is up to them to accept or reject the invitations,ˈ Amir Abdollahian said commenting on the possibility of the participation of Turkish, Qatari and Saudi officials in the May 29 meeting.

On the current situation in Bahrain, Abdollahian said international efforts should be made to stop violence in Bahrain and conduct real and effective national dialogue to resolve the dispute in that country.

H. Mustafa