Deterioration in hunger striker Abu Daoud’s health status

AL-KHALIL- The Israeli occupation prison authorities have  transferred the prisoner Ayman Abu Daoud, 39 days on hunger strike, from Ramle prison hospital to Afula hospital due to his urgent need for intensive care, PPSlawyer Jawad Boulos confirmed,according to PIC.

Dozens of prisoners’ families organized on Tuesday a sit-in in solidarity with the striker Ayman Abu Daoud who declared his hunger strike protesting his re-arrest after being released in Wafa al-Ahrar deal in 2011.

The PPS called for a broad campaign in solidarity with Abu Daoud who was re-arrested on 12 March 2013 on trumped-up charges in order to re-impose the remainder of his previous sentence (29 years) leading him to declare an open hunger strike since 14 April 2013.

Ayman’s family appealed the international human rights organizations to intervene for the release of her son especially in light of his health deterioration.

The liberated captive Ayman Abu Daoud was released during Wafa al-Ahrar deal after being sentenced to 35 years and actually served 7.

Ayman Abou Daoud, re-arrested in 13 February 2013, represents hundreds of the freed captives who are victims of the Israeli violation to their release terms.