Princess Hind Blasts Qatari Emir's Support for Terrorists in Syria

TEHRAN - Qatari Emir's daughter, Shaikha Hind, rapped his father for supporting the armed "rebels" in Syria who are killing innocent citizens in mass numbers in the Muslim Arab country,according to FNA.

Writing on her Twitter page, Hind severely criticized her father's policies on Syria, calling Qatar's interference in Syria a "big scandal recorded in Qatar's history".

"My father supported the "rebels"in Syria, but now we see that the situation has gone on the contrary," she wrote, and added that "a recent video showing a terrorist eating a Syrian citizen's heart reveals that this is not what was wanted, rather it is a crime against the Syrian people".

Hind also criticized the Saudi armed men who are fighting against the Syrian government and mass murdering the Syrian citizens.

"I saw a video where a Saudi fighter kills 12 Syrians allegedly to be the Syrian government  loyalist soldiers.

Earlier reports said that the US and Qatar are set to boost their support for the militants operating inside Syria, in an act of foreign interference in the internal affairs of the crisis-hit Middle Eastern country.

US President Barack Obama made the announcement at the White House following a meeting with the emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, in April.

This comes days after US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Washington would double its assistance to the terrorists in Syria.

The new plan by the US and Qatar is the latest instance of foreign meddling in the internal affairs of Syria.

Other regional countries have also been providing the terrorists  in Syria with various forms of support. Qatar has been leading such efforts.

On April 22, during a meeting with Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Araby, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on Qatar and some other Arab countries to stop supplying weapons to the terrorists  in Syria.