Russian security thwarts scheme by terrorist organization ISIS

 The Russian Federal Security Service (RFSS) announced today that it thwarted terrorist attacks planned to be  carried out by the terrorist organization ISIS in the capital, Moscow, and dismantled its cell.

Sputnik quoted the RFSS as saying in a statement that “an ISIS terrorist, a citizen of Central Asia, has been arrested on charges of preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow.

The RFSS’s  statement indicated that an explosive device was found in the terrorist’s places of residence in addition to other materials and documents, noting that there was information indicating that he was a member of a cell that worked to recruit and collect money for the benefit of terrorists.

The Russian security forces killed the members of a terrorist cell in the city of Volgograd who were planning to carry out an attack on a monument in Russia on the 15th  of last October.

The security services in various Russian cities and regions, including the North Caucasus region, are fighting a war against ISIS and other terrorist organizations that seek to destabilize a number of regions in Russia and also to recruit Russian citizens into the ranks of terrorist organizations outside the country.

Inas Abdulkaree