Prague: Okamura calls for imposing sanctions on Turkish regime for its aggressive policies

Prague (ST):  Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Czech Republic Tomio Okamura has called for ending the negotiations on Turkey’s admission to the European Union (EU) and for ousting it from (NATO) because of the dangerous aggressive practices of RecepTayyip Erdogan’s regime.

Okamura, who is head of the Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy, criticized  on  his  Facebook  page,  the European Commission’s indifference towards the calls by various European political forces including the Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy, to impose sanctions on this aggressive regime due to its hostile practices towards Syria, Libya, Cyprus, Greece and Nagorno-Karabakh region.


He added that Erdogan doesn’t conceal the fact that he wants to revive the obsolete  Ottoman Empire.

In turn, Czech MP at the European Parliament Ivan David stressed  that the Turkish regime has directly contributed to igniting the current war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, therefore, there have been calls at the European Union for imposing sanctions on the Turkish regime,  but the European Commission doesn’t care about these calls, warning  that the EC's indifference  makes the Turkish regime press ahead  in its aggressive policies.