US legislators demand US administration to boycott G20 summit scheduled to be held in Riyadh

Washington (ST): A number of US congressmen have called for boycotting the G 20 summit meeting scheduled to be held in Riyadh next month because of the recurrent human rights violations of the Saudi regime.

In a letter signed by 45 US congressmen and quoted by the France Press Agency, they said that the US administration has to make radical changes in the  human rights record of Saudi Arabia.

They added" If  the Saudi government does not take immediate measures to deal with this record, we have to withdraw from the G 20 summit meeting," noting that human rights reform should be a precondition for all forthcoming dealings with this government.


The letter came following a similar one signed by 65 MPs from the European Union in which they demanded the EU not to participate in the summit scheduled to be held on November 21 in Riyadh because of the flagrant human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi record in the field of human rights is considered the worst at world level.