Mitsotakis: Turkish regime uses extremist narrative and carries out unilateral acts

Nicosia (ST): Greek Prime Minister Kyriaka Mitsotakis  has reiterated that the Turkish regime has been using an extremist narrative and carrying out unilateral acts ignoring the international community and all international calls for dialogue.

AFP quoted Mitsotakis   as saying during a tripartite committee held in Nicosia along with  the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and Cypriot President NicosAnastasiades that Turkey was pressing ahead with its provocative acts that undermine regional stability and violate the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus.

He added that these provocations are accompanied with aggressive acts in Syria, Libya, Somalia and Cyprus.


Mitsotakis concluded by stressing that Turkey has imperialist illusions in the east of the Mediterranean.