Armenia suspends importing goods from Turkey due to its intervention in Karabakh

Yerevan, (ST) - The Armenian government announced today that it has decided to suspend importing Turkish goods “temporarily” against the background of the Turkish regime’s intervention in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno Karabakh region.

The press service of the Armenian Cabinet said, according to Sputnik, that the government has temporarily banned the import of Turkish goods, and the decision will enter into force on December 31.

According to the decision, restricting the import of goods of Turkish origin aims to achieve security objectives, taking into consideration the several confirmed facts of Turkey's explicit support for terrorist actions against Karabakh.

"The ban on importing goods of Turkish origin stops the financing of the Turkish treasury from Armenian sources, and at the same time prevents a potential penetration of potential threats to Armenia by importing goods from an enemy state"the decision stated.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian affirmed in an interview with US CBN last week that the Turkish regime is the main obstacle to any peace settlement in the Nagorno Karabakh region.

Raghda Sawas