Egyptian politician calls on Arab and regional powers to stand by Syria to break the embargo being imposed on it

CAIRO, (ST)_Chairman of the Nasserite Party in Egypt Mohammad Abo al-Ola has underscored the need to express solidarity with Syria to lift the unjust siege being imposed on it.
Speaking to the correspondent of the Syrian News Agency (SANA) in Cairo, Abo al-Ola said: "Syria faces an economic war that must be confronted…Solidarity with the Syrian state is the duty of all Arab and regional powers in the light of the continuity of the US and EU siege on Syria."
He called for sending popular and political convoys to break the embargo being imposed on Syria.
'The continuity and the extension of unilateral and coercive economic measures on the Syrian state is a continuity of an international crime that is being perpetrated amid UN organizations' shameful silence," the Egyptian politician added.
He asserted that the US and EU policies serve the Zionist occupation's plots and target the Syrian state politically, economically and military.  
"These policies have failed due to the legendary steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership," Abo al-Ola emphasized, referring to the importance of the return of the Syrian-Egyptian relations as the two countries face the same threats.
He concluded by saying that Syria unveiled the US-Zionist plot that seeks to fragment the region.
Basma Qaddour