Turkish occupation forces begin withdrawal from Morek in Hama countryside, plan to evacuate other points

The Turkish occupation forces last night began to withdraw their ninth military observation post from the city of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama. Some 70 trucks carrying soldiers as well as military and logistic equipment left the post. 30 of these trucks drove towards Ma’er Hattat point located within the Syrian government-controlled areas. The rest of the trucks reached al-Nayrab town in Idleb eastern countryside that is controlled by the Turkish occupation and its affiliated militia, according to the Syrian “al-Watan Online '' newspaper.

Local sources in Khan Sheikhoun city explained to "Al-Watan Online" that two convoys of trucks affiliated to the Turkish occupation, left, early yesterday, the Morek post, the largest among other 14 besieged Turkish points. The trucks left the area accompanied by the Russian military police, the sources said.

“Al-Watan” newspaper cited opposition sources close to “Filaq al-Sham” militia that accompanies the patrols and convoys of the Turkish occupation forces, as saying that the Ma’er Hattat and al-Nayrab areas are not the final destination of Turkish trucks which withdrew from Morek. Their stay in Ma’er Hattat depends on the period the occupation forces will take to withdraw from it and which is expected to be done before the end of this month, the sources said. The opposition sources also said that the second convoy is expected after a period of rest to continue its way from al-Nayrab towards the observation post in “Qouqfin” that was established on the 15th of this month in Jabal al-Zaweyeh in Idleb southern countryside and to the south of the M4 international highway.

 The sources reaffirmed that the observation points in the “Sher Mghar” town in Sahl Al-Ghab area in the western countryside of Hama and in the “al-Sorman” town, to the southeast of Ma’aret Al-Nu’man in Idleb southeastern countryside, are scheduled to withdraw to some back points that are expectedly located on the contact line with the Syrian Arab Army, particularly in Jabal al-Zaweyeh.

The sources did not rule out the withdrawal of all the Turkish posts located along the Aleppo-Damascus highway, which is located within the areas controlled by the Syrian government, during the next two months.

Hamda Mustafa