Assyouti condemns the continued imposition of coercive measures against Syria

 On October 18, Vice President of the Egyptian Human Rights and Citizenship Party, Syed Al-Assiouti, condemned the European Union and Western countries continuous use  of unilateral coercive measures against Syria.

“The statement issued by the European Council during the past days to renew the unfair sanctions against Syria is inconsistent with the international laws and conventions that countries should enjoy under international law,” Al-Assiouti said.


“European countries confirm, through these measures, once again that they are carrying out the Zionist and American plans against Syria, as well as showing that they are a main partner in the conspiracy that targeted and targets the Arab world in all its countries,” Al-Assiouti added.

Al-Assiouti said that the imposition of new sanctions represents new evidence of the double standards that is followed by the West in various issues and crises.

Al-Assiouti stressed that these new and previous coercive measures will not affect the determination of the Syrian people, their leadership and their army to complete the victory over terrorism and end the occupation.

Al-Assiouti called on the peoples of the region and the world to stand by Syria in its war against terrorism and the unjust siege imposed on it.

O. al-Mohammad