Lebanese security forces arrest 3 terrorists in the Bekaa Valley

The Lebanese security forces arrested four terrorists in the Bekaa Valley and seized their war weapons.

The General Directorate of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said in a statement today that, “After information about a dangerous terrorist gang operating in the Bekaa Governorate, a special group force raided a house on  the outskirts of the town of Al-Khader in  Bekaa, where the gang members were present, and arrested three armed Lebanese.”

The statement added, "During the arrest, one of the gunmen raised a grenade and tried to throw it in the direction of the forces who immediately fired at him and wounded  him."

The statement indicated that the members of the force seized the gunmen's possession after searching the house, three Kalashnikov assault rifles, a grenade, military ammunition, wireless devices and sums of money.

Sanaa Hasan