Salihi Renews Iran's Support for Syrian Gov't, Nation

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi once again underlined Iran's continued support for the Syrian government and nation in their fight against foreign-backed terrorists.

"The Islamic Republic supports Syria's integrity, unity and sovereignty …," Salehi told the Arabic-language al-Hayat newspaper on Monday.

The Iranian foreign minister said the Syrian government and opposition should hold talks in a bid to reach a political solution to the crisis in the country,according to FNA.

Salehi noted that Tehran is against any foreign interference in Syria's domestic affairs, stressing that Syrians should determine their own destiny.

Last week, Salehi said his recent tour of the regional states was aimed at preventing the spread of the Syrian crisis into the region, and added that the regional countries share Tehran's views on Syria.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is in constant contact with different regional states to prevent the harmful aftermaths of some regional developments from spreading to the entire region," Salehi said on the sidelines of a conference dubbed as 'Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Great Prophet's (PBUH) Sirah (life and tradition)' in Tehran.

Salehi also said that during his trip to Damascus he had a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to share the world and regional countries' views on the crisis in Syria, and said "good decisions were made" at the meeting.

Salehi ended his two-day tour of Jordan and Syria on Wednesday. The Iranian foreign minister, heading a high-ranking delegation, started a visit to Jordan and Syria last week to discuss bilateral ties and regional developments, the crisis in Syria in particular.