Report: Erdogan's media broadcast hate messages, mostly against Syrians and Armenians

The Turkish regime mobilized its media outlets to promote terrorist organizations and spread hatred against Syrians and Armenians.

A report issued by the Turkish Hrant Dink Foundation indicated that the Turkish media sent more than 5,500 hate messages during the year 2019 and that the largest number of these messages affected Armenians in the first place, and then Syrians in the second degree.

Last year witnessed a series of attacks carried out by Turks against Syrian refugees, some of which amounted to murder, physical abuse, and attacks on homes and shops in several Turkish cities.

The report monitored the aforementioned messages in 80 Turkish media outlets, explaining that among the messages of hate and incitement, 108 articles affected different groups in Turkey, while 803 media material incited hatred against the Armenians.

The report pointed out that the Syrians were affected by 760 media items that linked the Turkish economic crisis with their presence, portraying most of the refugees as criminals by linking them to acts of theft and murder.

Observers said that the Turkish hate messages expose the lie of the Erdogan regime in terms of its claim that it provides protection for the Syrian refugees.

It is noteworthy that the “Hrant Dink” Foundation was founded in 2007 by the family of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, who was assassinated by a Turkish youth in 2007 in front of the main office of the Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper “Agus” in Istanbul.

O. al-Mohammad