Hundreds of Tunisians rally demanding the restoration of diplomatic ties with Syria, lifting the sanctions imposed on the Syrians

TUNIS, (ST)- Hundreds of Tunisians gathered at al-Habib Bourguiba Street in downtown Tunis to take part in a rally in solidarity with the Syrian people and to call for restoring Tunisia's relations with Syria and breaking the siege imposed on the Syrians.

The rally was organized by the National Committee for Supporting Arab Resistance and Rejecting Normalization and Zionism in Tunisia in cooperation with the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Tunisia.

Participants in the rally represented Tunisian organizations, unions, commissions and associations as well as a number of media institutions and cultural facilities.

The participants stressed the Tunisians' incessant demand to restore normal ties with Syria. They congratulated the Syrians on their victory over international terrorism and its supporters.

They called for an immediate end of the unfair siege imposed on Syria, a country that constitutes the forefront in defense of the Arabs' dignity and sovereignty.

 Assistant Secretary General of the General Federation of Tunisian Workers Hamad Ali al-Bougheiri told SANA correspondent in Tunisia that, "as a union, we will continue to practice all forms of pressure in order to restore official and diplomatic ties between Tunisia and Syria, because the ties between the peoples of the two countries never stopped.

"Restoring diplomatic ties between the two countries is an urgent need and severing them has been a crime against the peoples of both countries," he said.

Director of Liqaa Foundation for Culture and Arab Arts in Tunisia Anis al-Khleifi reiterated the deep-rooted relations between Syria and Tunisia, stressing that the Tunisians are against the global terrorist war waged on the Syrian state and people and they support the Syrian Arab army's war on terrorism and reject the western sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Hinda Belhaj, a participant, asserted the need to restore normal ties with Syria, indicating that "were it not for Syria and its steadfastness, we would have all become a target for the cantons of the Western colonial project."

Poet Imaduddin al-Tunisi said the rally is part of the Tunisians' popular moves to put pressure on the Tunisian government to restore diplomatic ties with Syria and reopen the Syrian embassy in Tunisia, noting that the deep-rooted brotherly relations between the peoples of the two countries have not been affected despite some parties attempts to undermine them.

Hamda Mustafa