"Erdogan's regime is a dictatorship that supports terrorists, practices murder and torture": Czech journalist

PRAGUE, (ST)- The Czech journalist Marketa Kutilova has stressed that the current situation in Turkey and the behavior of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are reminiscent of the Nazi regime that prevailed in Germany, noting that the difference between the two is that the ideology adopted in Turkey is neo-Ottoman.

Kutilova wrote on her facebook account on Saturday that the failure to punish the Turkish regime for the war crimes it has committed in Syria and for its violation of the international arms embargo imposed on Libya has led this regime to continue implementing its expansionist plan amid a shameful silence by the West.

"Erdogan regime is a dictatorship that practices murder and torture and supports terrorists," she affirmed.

 The Czech journalist clarified that compared to other countries of the world, the Turkish regime imprisons the largest number of journalists, especially those who criticize its practices or warn of the war crimes committed by this regime and its mercenaries in Syria and Libya.

Hamda Mustafa