Shalabata: Syria is the main country in confronting terrorism and extremism

Prague (ST): Chairman of the Czech International Relations Institute Jaromir Shalabata has called for coordination with Syria in combatting terrorism, because it constitutes the first line in confronting terrorism and extremism.

In a statement he made today, Shalabata said the world and Europe have an interest in eliminating the terrorist Da’esh organization, and this will not achieved without the coordination with the Syrian state, noting that the international community should adopt decisive stands concerning the withdrawal of all the foreign forces that are deployed illegitimately on the Syrian territories.

He added that stability in the Middle East is totally related to stability in Syria criticizing the double standard policy pursued by the West towards Syria and its silence towards the crimes committed by the terrorist organizations operating in Syria and the occupation forces.

Shalabata concluded calling for resolving the crisis in Syria politically in a way that preserves its sovereignty and territorial integrity.