Maduro calls the world to combat hegemony and imperialist ideas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the world to combat domination and imperialist ideas, and to create a multipolar world and a renewed United Nations system able  to implement international law and protect people.

During an online meeting of the United Nations General Assembly last night, Maduro said that "the world defeated fascism 75 years ago and will triumph again in front of those seeking hegemony and imperialist ideas and it  will be able to defeat the new fascism."

He added that "working and moving towards a multipolar world will eliminate US desires to dominate the world to serve its personal interests."

He stressed his country's support for the World Health Organization in facing the challenge of the Corona epidemic and the need to stand together in this field as an expression of plurality in front of a fundamental challenge in peoples' lives, condemning the repeated American criticisms of the organization.

Sanaa Hasan