Lavrov calls for confronting attempts to weaken supervising armament

Moscow (ST): Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called for confronting attempts being made to weaken the system of supervising armament.

In a speech directed to the UN General Assembly, on behalf of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Lavrov said that it is necessary to confront all attempts that weaken the supervision system on arms, disarmament and non-proliferation to preserve international stability.

He added that special attention should be accorded to confronting trans-borderĀ  dangers such as transporting foreign terrorists to the areas of conflicts and confronting chemical and biological terrorism as well as using the space for peaceful purposes.

Lavrov also called for abandoning the idea of colonialism and the attempts being made by former colonialist states to preserve their influence under new conditions, stressing the necessity for unifying efforts of all UN member states to perform joint missions on the basis of equality and respect of mutual interests.