Czech MP: Saudi aggression forces commit war crimes in Yemen

Member of the European Parliament for the Czech Republic Katarjina Konichna has confirmed that the Saudi aggression forces are committing war crimes in Yemen with open support by Western countries.

Konichna wrote on her website that despite Europe's concerns regarding the Saudi military intervention in Yemen, the United States and Britain continue to supply the Saudi regime with weapons to continue committing war crimes.

She called for putting an end to the continuous Saudi aggression on Yemen because it is not acceptable to continue killing innocent victims and bombing civilian targets in this country.

In a different context, the Czech MP stressed that the policy adopted by the Turkish regime contradicts the interests of the European Union, so it can't be an ally of the EU.

 She said "now it is time for the European Union to ask Turkey to stop the blackmailing policy as it is a shame for the Turkish regime to behave in this way while it seeks to join the EU.

Hamda Mustafa