Lavrov reiterates Russia’s rejection and denunciation of the US unilateral measures against Syria

Moscow (ST): Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated the rejection of his country for the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria, pointing out that the so-called Caesar Act and other Western measures have done harm to the Syrian people in the first place contrary to the claims of the West.

Interviewed by Sputnik News Agency, Lavrov said that Russia would not stop denouncing the US unilateral measures, noting that the UN adopts special resolutions in which it announced that the unilateral measures are illegal and illegitimate.

Lavrov also referred to the call made by the UN Secretary General in which he demanded halting the unilateral measures imposed by western states against any developing country.

Earlier, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that the Western states which are imposing coercive economic measures against Syria will not be able to cover the repercussions of their economic terrorism against the Syrian people, indicating that that their humanitarian allegations will not hide the truth of their crimes which aim at putting additional pressure on the Syrian state and hindering the reconstruction process and the return of the displaced Syrians.

Regarding the agreement signed between QSD militia and a US oil company, Lavrov said that the agreement constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.

The Russian minister described the US policy towards Iran as useless, noting that Washington has been trying to market the idea that Iran is the main problem in the Middle East expressing satisfaction that this approach is useless and would not lead to any durable solution.