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Palestinian presidency says US policy of blackmail is doomed to fail

Nabil Abu Rudaineh, spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency , said today that the American policy of blackmail, intimidation and pressure practiced against the Palestinian people is doomed to fail. 
"Only our Palestinian people can decide their leadership according to the democratic foundations laid by the Palestine Liberation Organization," said Abu Rudaineh. 
He condemned the threats, intimidation, and the cheap policy of blackmail through which the US Ambassador to "Israel" David Friedman is trying to pressure the Palestinian people with.
"The suspicious campaigns and conspiracies aimed at liquidating our national cause, foremost of which is the issue of Jerusalem and its sanctities, and the attack on the symbols of our Palestinian people, are nonsense. Our Palestinian people will draw the map [of its independent state] and choose its leadership -one that preserves its national rights and constants," Abu Rudaineh stated. 
He streesed that all these campaigns are doomed to fail, just as all conspiracies since the Balfour Declaration until the Trump deal have failed. 
Basma Qaddour