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Czech author: The West failed to achieve its goals in Syria

PRAGUE, (ST)_ Czech author Vladislav Omlav affirms that the west has failed to achieve its goals in Syria despite its direct dependence on terrorist groups that have received logistic support from it.

In an article published by " e-Republica" website, the author said that the presence of US forces in Syria is illegal and these forces plunder Syria's oil and support terrorists and mercenaries.

He an addition pointed out that the Turkish regime acts in an imperialist way since it has realized that the west has failed in Syria.

"The Turkish regime has looted a lot of Syrian factories and establishments," the author added.

Since the start of its aggression on Syrian territories on October, 9, 2019, the Turkish occupation forces have brought in dozens of vehicles loaded with weapons and logistics materials to reinforce their illegal bases and to support their terrorist mercenaries, who perpetrate criminal acts against civilians and destroy infrastructures.

Basma  Qaddour