Pushkov responds harshly to Trump's words about assassinating President Al-Assad

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov has criticized the US foreign policy after US President Donald Trump said that he planned to assassinate President Bashar Al-Assad.

The parliamentarian wrote on his account on telegram that “the open recognition of the head of the White House about plans to remove a President of another country as "sinful arrogance” and no less amazing cynicism."

"International law and the United States are opposite and incompatible concepts," the Senator stressed, according to Sputnik.

In support of his words, Pushkov cited quotes from previous American leaders. So, George Bush, in response to a journalist's question about the international legal basis of the war in Iraq, said that he did not know what international law was, and advised to contact his lawyer. The next US President, Barack Obama, who is a Nobel peace prize winner, planned a coup in Syria, and declared that "Assad's days are numbered."

Earlier, Trump said that he considered “removing” President Bashar al-Assad, but was dissuaded by US Defense Secretary James Mattis, who "was against most of these things," Sputnik reported.

Hamda Mustafa