An Egyptian party denounces the crimes of the Turkish and American occupiers in Syria

Cairo, (ST) - The Egyptian Arab Socialist Party denounced the international silence regarding the criminal practices of the Turkish and American occupation forces in Syria, especially in Hasaka city, stressing that the continuation of these practices constitutes a crime against international norms and human rights principles.

The party clarified in a statement today that the American and Turkish crimes are accompanied by a fatal international silence that cannot be continued, as these crimes are committed in violation of all international conventions and norms and against human rights principles. The party stressed the need for the international community to take steps and deterrent measures to stop the American and Turkish abuses and to prosecute those who commit crimes against the Syrian people and their sovereign state.

The party also referred to the achievements that Syria is achieving in confronting the colonial designs, and saluted the brave Syrian Arab Army and the steadfast Syrian people in facing the forces of evil.

Raghda Sawas