Turkish regime authorities issue arrest warrants for 78 people

Ankara, (ST) - The Turkish regime authorities have issued arrest warrants for 78 people, including soldiers, under the pretext of their links to the organization of the preacher Fethullah Gülen, who is accused by this regime of being behind the 2016 coup attempt.

The Anadolu Agency, speaking on behalf of the Turkish regime, quoted security sources as saying that "arrest warrants were issued against 66 people in Izmir, 53 were arrested, including 48 soldiers on active duty."

The Turkish regime in the capital, Ankara, also issued arrest warrants against 12 teachers, including 8, in service, on charges of their connection to the organization by using the ByLock messaging application. At least nine of teachers were arrested.

Yesterday, the Turkish regime authorities issued arrest warrants for 14 people under the pretext of their links to the Gülen organization.

The regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is waging a severe crackdown to target its opponents, taking advantage of the coup attempt, as tens of thousands of people were arrested and dismissed in various civil and military institutions in the country.

Raghda Sawas