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Lebanese Army arrests a member of the Tillawi terrorist cell

Beirut, (ST) - The Lebanese army announced the arrest of a member of the terrorist cell whose leader, Khaled al-Tillawi was killed yesterday.

In a statement issued today, the Lebanese Army Command announced that "a patrol from the Lebanese Army Intelligence Directorate arrested the terrorist, Abdul Razzaq Walid al-Rez, a member of the terrorist cell in the woodland area of Rashin in the Akkar region, north Lebanon."

The statement added that the search is still ongoing for the third terrorist who is a member of this same cell.

Yesterday, the Lebanese army announced the death of four of its soldiers during a raid operation on the Tillawi house in northern Lebanon, explaining that the head of the terrorist cell that carried out the Kuftun operation, Al-Tillawi, threw a hand grenade and fired at the members of the patrol, which led to the death of four soldiers. The army was able to eliminate the leader of the terrorist cell Tillawi, however the other two terrorists were able to flee.

Raghda Sawas