Lavrov: The European Union is sacrificing its interests so it can alignment itself with the United States

 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stressed that the European Union sacrifices its geographical, strategic and economic interests  so it can align itself with the United States in its attempts to impose sanctions on Russia.

“Russia has become accustomed to these European policies, and as a result, it became necessary to build Russian relations with the European Union using a safety net,” Lavrov was quoted by TASS news agency as saying in an interview with Russia 1 channel on September 13.


“We are now aware that all future plans and opportunities for the return of a fully coordinated partnership with the European Union should definitely be built using a safety network,” Lavrov said.

On September 12, Lavrov confirmed Moscow's readiness to respond to any new sanctions that Western countries could impose on it according to the principle of reciprocity.

O. al-Mohammad