Egyptian politician: Erdogan should be put to trial for his crimes in Syria

CAIRO, (ST)- Head of the Nasserite Party in Egypt Mohammad Abu al-Ola has stressed the need to confront the greedy aspirations of the Turkish regime in Syria and the entire region, reiterating the importance of putting the Turkish President Recep Tayyip  Erdogan to international trial for his crimes against humanity.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, Abu al-Ola said that "President of the Turkish regime has persisted in his violations of the international laws and norms and started using water as a weapon against citizens in Hasaka city to subjugate them to his colonialist conditions, in a blatant crime against humanity".

He pointed out that cutting off water supplies for Hasaka is a war crime that does not fall under the statute of limitations.

 The Egyptian politician hailed the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in the face of the Turkish and Zionist schemes as well as the colonialist plans in Syria and the region, reiterating his party's solidarity with the Syrian state in the face of conspiracies.

Hamda Mustafa