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Mansour: Israeli occupation's attacks on education sector in Palestine an aggression on the Palestinian children's future

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST)- Palestine's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Riad Mansour has stressed that the Israeli occupation continues to violate the international law by attacking the Palestinian education sector, urging the international community to immediately act in order to put an end to the occupation's crimes which threaten all aspects of the Palestinian children's life.

 In a statement at a Security Council session held on Friday under the title "Children and Armed Conflict", Mansour said that according to the UN Chief annual report on children and armed conflict, the Israeli occupation authorities have attacked the education sector in Palestine 118 times, affecting more than 23,000 children.  

More than half of these attacks included shooting live ammunition as well as firing gas and sound bombs against the Palestinian schools and their surroundings by the Israeli occupation forces, Masour made it clear.

 He pointed out that the occupation's attacks on schools are escalating and they coincide with the international community's preparations to celebrate the first International Day to Protect Education from Attacks and the fifth anniversary of the Safe Schools Declaration which was signed by the state of Palestine.  

He reiterated that these attacks are not just an attack on the right to education, but an attack on the futue of the Palestinian children, noting that the continuity of these aggressive acts is unacceptable.

Hamda Mustafa