Occupation authorities announce new settlement plans in Bethlehem

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): Israeli occupation authorities continued its open war against the Palestinian existence by announcing new annexation plans. The occupation authorities said that hundreds of dunums would be seized to the south, west and east of Bethlehem city to construct seven thousand settlement units and roads that threaten to separate the city from occupied Jerusalem, Jericho and the Dead Sea.

The new settlement plan tightens the noose on the city which has been besieged by 26 settlements that increase the suffering of the Palestinians whose city has been changed into a big prison in which they are subjected to daily attacks by extremist settlers with the aim of displacing them and seizing their lands.

Director of the anti-settlement committee in Bethlehem Hasan Breijiah said in a statement that the occupation authorities seized 1100 dunums to the south of Bethlehem with the aim of constructing 7000 settlement units. They also seized vast areas in al-Ta’amera area to the east of the city.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Wassel Abu Yousef said that the settlement plan represents a practical implementation of the so-called deal of century which aims to liquidate the Palestine question, noting that the Palestinian people would press ahead with its steadfastness battle until the liberation of all occupied territories and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.