Mass rally to support Syria and Jerusalem in Baghdad

 Baghdad (ST)-The Iraqi national and popular committees for supporting Syria and resistance on Saturday organized a mass rally for sustaining Syria and Jerusalem and will last to the 25th of this month.

Secretary General of the Iraqi National Constitution Conference Jawad al-Khalisi illustrated during the conference prelude symposium the strong relation between the occupation of Palestine and the cosmopolitan conspiracy targeting the immunity and resistance of Syria.

Al-Khalsi pointed out that the crimes that are perpetrated by the terrorist gangs in Syria offer great service to the continuity of the Zionist entity usurpation of Palestine.

“There is no tool to liberate Palestine except the unity of the Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi resistance”, Chief of the Arab Iraqi Popular committee for supporting Syria and resistance Abdulrida al-Hamid said, holding the Arab regimes yielding to the western hegemony responsible for the continuity of Palestine’s usurpation and the plot contrived against Syria.

Al-Hamid appealed the Syrian leadership to allow volunteers of the Arab Iraqi popular committee for supporting Syria and resistance to head to Damascus for doing their duty in defending the beating heart of pan-Arabism. 

For his part, Iraq’s former Prime Minister Salam Al-Zauby called for enhancing the national dialogue in Syria to solve the country’s crisis.