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On the anniversary of the crime of the burning of al-Aqsa : Palestinians are determined to confront Israeli crimes

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  The Palestinians mark today the 51stanniversary of the atrocious crime of setting fire in al-Aqsa Mosque as the Israeli occupation entity continues its crimes and Judaization plans that aim to obliterate the sacred places of the city of Jerusalem and forge its history amid flagrant bias and complete support for the US administration and utter silence of the international community.

On August 21st, 1969, the Zionist terrorist Dennis Michael in coordination with the occupation authorities, set fire to al-Aqsa Mosque within the framework of unceasing attempts to destroy one of the most important religious Islamic monuments.

The crime resulted in destroying one third of the total area of the mosque and huge material damage to the mosque’s colonnades, domes and decorations.

As usual, the occupation authorities claimed that the perpetrator was mentally-retarded and refused to conduct any investigation into the barbaric crime. But the UN Security Council issued resolution No. 271 on September 15 1969 holding Israel responsible for the crime and demanding from it that it cancel all measures that might affect the demographic or geographic status of Jerusalem city.

However, the crime of burning al-Aqsa Mosque was only one episode in the Judaization process which has been continuous since the beginning of occupation and it aggravated when US President Donald Trump declared that occupied Jerusalem is the capital of the Zionist entity in 2017. 

Member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Wasel Abu Yousef said that the anniversary of burning al-Aqsa Mosque came at the time as the Zionist entity was pressing ahead with its racist settlement and Judaization practices, especially the annexation plans in implementation of  the notorious deal of century which is doomed to failure in front of the legendary Palestinian steadfastness.

He demanded from the UNESCO to immediately interfere and protect al-Aqsa Mosque and halt the Israeli aggression against the city of Jerusalem, its great history and time-old civilization.