Nasrallah thanks Syria and Iran for contributing to the victory of resistance in the July war with Israeli enemy

Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah Resistance Movement Hassan Nasrallah has thanked Syria and Iran for their contribution to the victory of the Lebanese resistance in the July war in 2006 that foiled the New Middle East Project and the American-Israeli schemes in the region.

Speaking in a televised speech on Friday marking the 14th anniversary of resistance victory in July war with the Israeli enemy, Nasrallah also thanked Syria, as a state, government and people, for hosting displaced Lebanese citizens during the war.

 In 2006, the resistance supported by the Lebanese people, steadfastly fought the Israeli enemy for 33 days and forced it to stop its aggression, said Nasrallah, reiterating that among the most important strategic results of this war was the abortion of the Great Middle East Project which was designed and led by the United States and which started with occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and extended to Lebanon where it was foiled.

He affirmed that the war on Lebanon was part of this project, and it was planned that Lebanon would be under US hegemony and the Palestinian cause would be liquidated to draw a new Middle East map that would serve the plans of the Israeli enemy in the region.

"The enemies have failed in the military war and they know that any future Israeli war will not be able to weaken the resistance. That is why they have resorted to other means to achieve their schemes," Nasrallah said, stressing that what is currently happening in Lebanon is part of the aggression on Lebanon.

He pointed out that the key factor that is protecting Lebanon is resistance and the balance of deterrence.

Secretary General of  Hezbollah urged an impartial investigation into the blast that recently rocked Beirut port.

"Those responsible for the deadly disaster must be held accountable regardless of their affiliations, he asserted.

He pointed out that if Israel was proved to be behind the explosion, it would pay expensively for its crime.

He condemned the media speculation against Hezbollah in the early hours of the tragedy, stressing that those speculations were politically motivated to incite the Lebanese citizens against resistance, thereby, igniting a civil war in the country.

Nasrallah called on all the Lebanese to unite to overcome the ordeal.

 Hamda Mustafa