The agreement between an American company and Qasad militia to steal Syrian oil is a violation of international laws, says a Slovak journalist

Bratislava, (ST)  - The Slovakian journalist Eugen Rosnak confirmed that the US administration’s sponsorship of the agreement signed between one of its companies and Qasad militia to steal Syrian oil violates all international legal and moral rules.

Rosnak stressed, in a comment published on the Slovakian website Zim Aveik, that this agreement once again shows the reality of the illegal presence of American forces on Syrian lands, affirming that "the United States is committing acts that no one in the world dares to do, and international law has become valueless."

He pointed out that President Donald Trump's administration operates a policy of double standards that has become part of US foreign policy, explaining that the image of the United States, which plays the role of "global policeman," will not be covered by all the false masks that are trying to beautify this image in front of the world.

Raghda Sawas