World must stand up to US violations of international law, says Zarif

Tehran,(ST)  - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on the countries of the world to stand up to the ongoing US violations of international law.

IRNA quoted Zarif as saying in an article published today in the Chinese Global Times newspaper that “what we have seen from the current US administration is that it does not have any clear prospects for the future of the global community. This administration, apart from its poor policies in combating the Corona epidemic in the United States or its weakening of peace and stability outside it has no realistic program except to attack everyone who supports the rule of international law.

Zarif indicated that the United States, by unilaterally leaving the nuclear agreement signed by the permanent members of the Security Council in addition to Germany, did not only settle for getting out of a binding resolution that they contributed to building , but rather worked to issue sanctions against countries and companies that implemented and applied the provisions of that resolution.

Zarif pointed out that the United States “failed to revoke Resolution 2231 despite the extreme pressures it exercised for two years on Iran, which prevented the Iranian people from obtaining medicines and medical equipment in light of the spread of the most dangerous epidemic sweeping the world ,coronavirus,” warning that “America’s neglect of this international resolution will not only harm Iran, but will extend to sabotage the structure of the United Nations and the Security Council.

Raghda Sawas